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Barcelona spain hotels and accommodations

The difficulty is not to find accommodation, more than one find at a decent price! Prices sometimes blaze, especially in the Barri Gòtic where prices are unrelated to the actual comfort or the attire of the establishment.

Barcelona spain hotels

Generally speaking, a wide range of accommodation, from the room where one piles to 4 buddies retired luxury and opulent. Those looking for double rooms at low prices will fall back on the AJ (they are in a few moments, but in great demand!) Or on the pensions. In cheap hotels, visit several rooms before packing. At the same price, comfort is not always the same.

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The prices of the overnight stays varied according to season, events, period of the week, comfort and sight, the four figures indicated in our texts corresponding to the range of prices in high season.

  • Special warning school holidays: book well in advance car and crowd. And above all, ask for a receipt for the deposit!

The youth hostels

Generally speaking, the official AJs are well kept and very good value for money (which often compete with 2 stars).
There is no age limit, but tariffs for those over 29 are usually 4 to 5 € higher in official AJs. These last requirements are available on request, and on can stay only 5 nights maximum, with still the possibility to extend his stay according to the availabilities of reception.
The rules are much more flexible in private AJs. These have pushed to the four currencies of the city and are generally well-kept.

Release either:

Directly at the hostel, usually about 25% of the price of the stay; This is the only way for private AJs; By contacting AJ’s central booking agency in Barcelona. Otherwise, most private AJs end up on

The campsites

In Barcelona, ​​like anywhere else in Spain, it is forbidden to sleep on the beach or to practice any other form of wilderness camping. No camping in the city itself, but a few in the surrounding area and especially in Sitges, connected to Barcelona by train (about forty kilometers).

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Think of equipping it with very robust sardines. The ground has gone everywhere, sometimes of an incredible hardness.

  • The rates: they are displayed either on the plot. It will be necessary to add the number of occupants, or separately: tent (small or big), car, adults, children …
    At least 20 € per day for two people, a tent and a car.

  • A good plan: more and more campsites are equipped with bungalows for four to six people. It is quite comfortable (kitchen and bathroom inside). Generally quieter than the campsite itself (the bungalows are apart) and still cheaper at the hotel for a family or group Of buddies.

Hotels and Accommodations

The classification of the Ministry of Tourism to housing and residences in the category “Cheap”.
We still find appellations and pensions, which are somewhat similar, that is to say, a kind of boarding-house. If you can, visit the property before booking.
There is a plethoric choice of hostels in Barcelona and, if one moves away from the center, prices quickly become more interesting. All will suit backpackers regardless of comfort on prices (although they have much higher).
They are rarely recommended by tourism boards, owners of pensions often prefer to operate independently, without having to pay the fee charged for inclusion in the lists.

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Finally, hotels (hotels), rated from 1 to 5 stars. The prices displayed at the reception and in the rooms are the maximum rates. They may vary according to the divisions of the tourist year: high, medium and low seasons. More and more, on the fact of bargains taking advantage of promotions posted on the hotels website: services as talents of two by two!

For a single room, ask for a single dwelling; For a double room, a double dwelling; And if you want a large bed, specify llit de matrimoni (or cama de matrimonio).

Attention: In principle, the prices displayed in the establishments are exclusive of taxes:

  • A tax (IVA) of 10%
  • The new tax of 0,50 to 1 € / per day and per person

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In the Spanish pensions, it is a smaller breakfast … and if you are offering breakfast, it is generally limited to two toasts with a minidose jam. Better to go to lunch in a bar or a pastry shop, the products are the most recent.

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