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Best london theatre shows in 2017 – Theatreland

Are you looking for the best london theatre shows this year? Well, London’s West End is one of the most famous theatre areas in the world. West End is the London’s version of Broadway, fondly named “Theatreland”… Theatreland comprises of a high volume of top class theatres that put on a variety of first quality shows that visitors and locals can enjoy. Some of the shows have been on for years and still enjoy a full house with each performance.

Motown the Musical in Theatreland

Bottle Of Travel | Theatreland - Best London Theatre shows in 2017 - Motown the Musical theatre

The first theatrical show for 2017 that is definitely worth mentioning is Motown the Musical. This is showing at the Shaftesbury Theatre and guaranteed to delight all ages. The Motown the Musical is an evening of fantastic music with an interesting storyline. Tickets start at only £22.00.

An American in Paris

Then there is An American in Paris and you definitely don’t want to miss this one if you are visiting London this year. An American in Paris is a Tony award winning hit musical which came over from Broadway after winning four Tony awards. It is playing at the Dominion Theatre with tickets starting at only £18.50.

Bottle Of Travel | Theatreland - Best London Theatre shows in 2017 - An American in Paris

Wicked is guaranteed to be a delight for anyone looking for a fun-filled theatrical evening. This show is a multi award winning productions and the eighth longest running show in West End which has already completed more than four thousand performances. It is showing at the Apollo Victoria Theatre with tickets starting from only £19.50 per person.


Then there is Dreamgirls which is playing at the Savoy Theatre. This production is showing thirty five years after it was originally performed on Broadway. It is a Tony award winning production which will delight all audiences with tickets starting at only £20.

Bottle Of Travel | Theatreland - Best London Theatre shows in 2017 - DreamGirls_London_WestEnd

The Play That Goes Wrong will have you in fits of laughter in 2017. The show is hysterical and entertaining. It received five stars in the Daily Mail and is about accident prone Thespians who battle to the final curtain call. You can laugh the night away with this unique and fun-filled productions with seats starting at only £22.25. Don’t miss if you want a night of humour when in London.


Aladdin is the perfect way to spend your time in London, especially when travelling with children. It is important to note that while this show is musical fun, all children must be accompanied by adults. The show suits perfectly children from three to six years old. The seating prices start at only £19.50 per person and it is showing at the Prince Edward Theatre in West End.

Bottle Of Travel | Theatreland - Best London Theatre shows in 2017 - Aladdin

This is just a small selection of the shows that are currently taking place in theatreland. If you have been to London before, then you know there are more than forty theatres in West End alone. That’s a lot of productions to give information about.

Depending on the hotel you have chosen, you will find that the concierge service is up to date with the latest best london theatre shows. They will not only be able to provide you with information, but the converge service can even book your tickets for you! They can assist you in booking you a taxi and evening arranging for you to enjoy a delicious meal close to the theatre before the show starts to ensure you have a complete cultural evening experience to remember for years to come.

“Life is a theatre set in which there are but few practicable entrances.”

Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

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