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Disneyland Paris Hotel : Are they really good?

One of the most wonderful things of being in Paris is visiting the famous Disneyland Resort. Especially if you are on a family holiday with kids. If you never visit it before, you will for sure feel that you really traveled to another universed. Disneyland is not only a parc of attractions like the others. To benefit from this experience the best way, Disneyland offers to you: Disneyland Paris Hotels. So, does it worth it to stay in Disneyland Paris Hotels? Especially when you had never visit Paris before.

Disneyland Paris Hotel

Disneyland Paris Hotels are well known for their:

  • Thematic decorations
  • Elegant facade
  • World class accommodations and amenities

Disneyland Paris Hotel

Lot of tourists visiting the place find to be very accommodating and comfortable in terms of hotel services and facilities. One thing you should always remember before booking an accommodation on one of these hotels is that some of them may come expensive, although it is always worth the money you paid to experience their great services.

Depending on your budget, you can either choose to book an accommodation on Paris Disneyland Hotel or choose other hotels that are within range of the resort. Disneyland Hotel provides a lot of amenities and special facilities ideal for families having a holiday vacation in Paris. Kids will love all the special treatments the hotel provides and its accessibility to the resort is of great advantage when visiting Disneyland. Their family rooms are spacious and they can even provide accommodations for families with more than four members. Aside from their in-house swimming pool for kids, welcome breakfast, they also have playrooms and children’s corner for picture taking with different Disney characters. They have 24 hour service ideal for those who always stay late at night.

Disney’s Newport Bay Club


Bottle Of Travel | Disneyland Paris Hotel - New Bay Bar Club

Disneyland Paris offers another fantastic hotel accommodation: Disney’s Newport Bay Club. It is located at Disneyland Resort Paris designed after New England architecture. With a nautical theme, its restaurants are famous for its seafood cuisines. Situated near Lake Disney, it features a small lighthouse and is considered to be the largest hotel within the Resort and it has more rooms than any other hotels in and outside Paris. If you plan on staying here, you must always be ready with your budget, since accommodations here don’t come cheap.

Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne

Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne is yet another masterpiece when it comes to accommodations and world class amenities and services. With an authentic Western town background, Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne can let you experience the life of living in the Western frontier while enjoying top notch services and amenities. If you are with your kids, they can always be cowboys or cowgirls throughout your stay making your Paris holiday a very memorable one.

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