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Most powerful passports in the world of 2017

What are the most powerful passports in the world?
As a traveller you deal with a number of parameters before going anywhere:

  • Airplane tickets
  • Hotel reservations
  • Your travel roadmap
  • And much more…

But one of the most important questions you should always have in mind when you choose your destination is: Do I need a Visa to get to it?

The answer could sometimes be yes, and there you should go over the internet or the consulat of that country to check the right procedure so you can get that Visa.

Other times the answer is yes, and there you can go only with your passport. It all depends on the power of your passport. In other words: “does the passport of your country allows you to visit the target country without visa?”. And here comes the word: Passport power.  Meaning how many country does your passport allows you to visit without visa?

In the following line we will see a list of the Most powerful passports in the world.

Two Most powerful passports in the world

Bottle Of Travel | most powerful passports in the world of 2017 -germany-singaporeYou probably know that Germany holds the most powerful passports in the world, but it’s not alone. There is  a second country that has exactly the same power: Singapore.
If you hold one of these passports you can directly go and visit 159 countries in 2017. However, the destinations allowed by the two passports are different.

While Singapore has the advantage in Asia and allows its citizen the free access to China, Myanmar and Azerbaijan. Germany has more power in south America with Paraguay and Venezuela.

2 countries for the second Rank

At the second rank we find two countries that gives access to 158 countries. As for the most powerful passports the two countries are from two different continents: Asia and Europe.

Bottle Of Travel | most powerful passport in the world of 2017 - Swedish+Royals+Visit+South+Korea+Day

The big surprise in this is that Sweden citizens can’t visit Russia without Visa. Unlike South Korean people. On the other hand, Sweden has the advantage on Africa, with countries like Burkina Faso, Namibia or Rwanda.

9 countries for the third Rank

At the third rank, we find 9 countries.

Bottle Of Travel | most powerful passports in the world 2017 - 9 passports

The 9 countries are:


With one of these passports you can have free access two 157 countries.
One could say: “Why USA passports is not the most powerful passport in the world?”. Well, while American citizens have access to many European countries, many other countries asks for visa when it comes to American tourists. This is due to the high number of politic and military conflicts where usa was and still involved. Some example of these countries are Cuba, Iran, Iraq and most African countries.

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