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science museum london – Top 10 Thing To See in 2017

Science museum london is packed with hands-on exhibits. It explores the world of science through centuries of scientific and technological development. The collection showcases how Britain led the Industrial Revolution, with looms and steam engines, navigation and early flight. It also has displays on contemporary science, climate change and cutting-edge technologies, with many interactive exhibits in the hi-tech Wellcome Wing. The museum is also home to Media Space, a new photography and art gallery.

#1 Exploring Space

Rockets, satellites, space probes and landers can all be explored, and you can learn about Sputnik, the world’s first satellite, how we sent spacecrafts to other planets and walked on the moon.

#2 Information Age

The Queen opened this fascinating gallery with her first tweet in October 2014. It is divided into six themes and covers 200 years of communication and modern information technology from the earliest telegraph messages to the internet and mobile phones.

#3 The Secret Life of the Home

This gallery contains a wacky variety of household gadgets and gizmos, from washing machines and vaccum cleaners to burglar alarms.

#4 Puffing Billy

Bottle Of Travel | science museum london - Puffing_Billy_Side_viewPuffing Billy is the world’s oldest remaining steam locomotive. It was built in England in 1813 and used to transport coal. George Stephenson’s famous 1829 Rocket, the first
locomotive engine to pull passenger carriages, is also on display.

#5 Apollo 10 Command Module


Bottle Of Travel | science museum london - apollo 10 command module
The Apollo 10 Command Module, which went around the moon in May 1969, is on display, as is a replica of the Apollo 11 Lunar Lander. Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon from the original in July 1969 and became the first humans to set foot on the lunar surface.

#6 Media Space

This new photography and art gallery presents a changing programme of exhibitions drawn from the National Photography Collection and broader Museum collections to examine the relationships between art, photography, science and technology.

#7 Who Am I?

The continually updated Who Am I? gallery presents the latest in brain science and genetics through interactive exhibits and object-rich displays.

#8 Pattern Pod


Bottle Of Travel | science museum london - Gallery-atmosphere...exploring-climate-science

Suitable for children under eight, this multi-sensory gallery introduces ideas about patterns in the world. The electronic kaleidoscope and inter – active exhibits make science fun.

#9 Flight

This gallery is filled with extraordinary aircraft reflecting both UK and international achievements in aviation. Highlights include Amy Johnson’s Gipsy Moth.

#10 IMAX 3D Cinema

Bottle Of Travel | science museum london -imax-detailThe cinema (above) shows mainly 3D films on a screen taller than four double-decker buses. An impressive six-channel surround sound system will totally immerse you in the action.


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