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Spain – The Land of Museums & Cathedrals

Located in South West Europe, Spain is a country that covers an area of more than 50,000 square kilometers making it the second largest country in Europe after France. Shares its borders with France and Portugal, Spain has become a hub for tourists. The capital of Spain is Madrid. The capital is a vibrant city with friendly inhabitants. With many wonderful beaches, great nightlife, historic cities and other cultural attractions, Spain makes for a fantastic destination for any traveler.

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The climate in Spain is very diverse. In the inland areas of the peninsula including the capital Madrid, a continental Mediterranean climate prevails. Referred to as Espana Verde or Green Spain, the northern most part has an Oceanic climate. A semiarid climate dominates the southeast. The south and south west part of the country experience typical Mediterranean climate given its proximity to the ocean. The Canary Islands which fall off the cost of Africa also fall under the Spanish government and this area has a sub-tropical climate.

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There are several tourist destinations that one can visit in Spain but we will look closely at three of the most popular :

Madrid ( The Capital )

Madrid is the capital of Spain and a vibrant city known for its wonderful museums and pulsating nightlife. The Museo Del Prado, the Reina Sofia and the Thyssen-Bornemisza (known as the Golden Museum Triangle) frequently display artistic masterpieces from the masters like Goya and Caravaggio. Keep in mind, these are not the only museums and cathedrals in Madrid. If you want to party like the locals, head to the Malasana district to drink, dance and party till dawn. You can then indulge in a chocolate breakfast.


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The second largest city of Spain, Barcelona is also the party capital of the country. This beautiful city of markets, churches and museums has plenty of unique architecture as well. One of the favorite tourist attractions is an area called La Rambla. It’s a place where lots of people just like to go walking among the street performers, flower sellers, cafes and restaurants. The beach is also within walking distance from La Rambla. Barcelona is also a place where one can see many works of Antonio Gaudi including the Sagrada Familia which is still under construction! Hotel Diagonal Zero and W Barcelona are two reasonable options for hotel stay in this city.



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One of most cultural and historic places to visit in Spain is Granada. Driven by student life, Granada is known for its educational centers. Folks often visit Granada for a weather break as the time of spring and fall are wonderful times to visit. The most famous attraction in Granada is the La Alhambra. This fortress/palace and former administrative center was home to the Nasrid Sultans who lived here in the 13th and 14th century. Because this is an extremely popular tourist spotFree Articles, advanced booking is recommended.

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